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On Page SEO Factors That You Need To Know For Website Optimization

As it is said that SEO is not about fooling Google, it’s about following with Google to provide the best search results for users”. It is very important to cope up with google guidelines to stand on the mentioned statement.

In this article, we will discuss various On-Page SEO Factors that can help you in various ways. These on-page SEO factories are major steps that any business with an online presence must-have.

Table Of Contents:

    • What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?


    • Types Of Search Engine Optimization.


    • Major On-Page SEO Factors.


Before we get into the details of the above mentioned, let’s take a quick look at the basics of what SEO is and how search engine rankings work.

Acronym Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization. A process which helps you get the unpaid, organic traffic from the search engine result page to your website.

In order to get the process of SEO optimization done search engines scan, crawl and understand what your website is about using various Google guidelines.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

“SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the process of getting traffic from free organic, editorial, and paid search results on different search engines.”

It is a methodology of techniques, tactics and digital marketing strategies that are planned to increase the number of visitors(traffic) to your online business by obtaining a top rank in the search engine result pages(SERP’s) including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

The search engine optimization is a collection of tools and techniques that help your website rank higher in search engine results, by driving maximum traffic to your site and more beneficial business.

Here’s the list of important On-page SEO factors activities to be applied as a priority on your website:

  • Identify and remove duplicate content.
  • Check navigation and UX factors.
  • Make sure you have a responsive design.
  • Setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Make sure you’re being indexed.
  • Complete preliminary keyword research.
  • Create local search accounts.
  • Create relationships with influencers.
  • Edit your Meta tags.
  • Start working to build backlinks.
  • Utilize SEO tools.
  • Moving further, there’s a lot more to discuss.
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  • Different Types Of Search Engine Optimization

To get a well-rounded organic search engine strategy there are three types of SEO that are needed. Check them below:
On-Page Seo
Off-Page Seo
Technical Seo

With the help of these three types of search engine optimization, it will be much easier to organize and executive its optimization parts.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

On Page SEO OFF-Page SEO Technical SEO  

The factors that are controlled on the website comes under On-Page Seo

The Factors that occur off the website like backlinks to another website comes under Off-Page Seo.
The factors which refer to the website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index the website.  

It is a practice through individual web pages that are optimized to attract more traffic and a higher rank in search engines.

It is a practice in which activities are performed from a website with outside sources or third-party sites to raise the ranking of pages in web results.

It is a practice of optimizing a website for the crawling and indexing phase. It helps search engines crawl, interpret and index the website.

It involves activities like page tags, meta descriptions, meta tags, URL structure, etc.

It involves activities like building backlinks, social networking, social bookmarking, etc.

It includes activities that don’t involve content but gives a fair chance to stand in the digital world.

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Knowing these three types of search engine optimization properly will make you capable enough to handle the ranking and promotion activities of your website and also makes you aware about the activities that you are getting performed on your website.

Reading ahead will help you know about the major and the first type of Seo. Let’s move ahead:

Detailed Information About The Major On-Page Seo Factors

On-page Search Engine Optimization is also known as On-Site Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the act of streamlining site pages to improve a site’s web index rankings and procure natural traffic.

In addition to the top-notch content, on-page SEO incorporates streamlining your features, HTML labels (title, meta, and header), and pictures. It additionally implies ensuring your site has a significant level of aptitude, definitiveness, and dependability.

It considers different parts of the site page that, when included, will improve your site’s visibility in the indexed lists.

Must Check Out The List Of On-Page Factors For Your Website Optimization

As per the research, it has been discovered that Google uses approximately 200 factors to rank a website.

All the mentioned factors are really very important as they make it worth following the ones which barely makes some difference.

Read below to know more about it:

  • Keyword In The Title, Meta Description, H1 Tag, Pages copy, etc:

The meta tags, titles, descriptions, etc. are the best convincing signals for search engines. These features of the website provide an accurate idea of the information that the particular web page contains. As a result, the search engine responds to the queries as the niche and if it is of your niche it will represent your business along with your keyword or description.

  • The Length Accuracy And Reliability Of The Content:

The length of the content part does not matter until you have the best content to satisfy the needs of the content. It is the content that helps you get the best rank. It is also the place where you can share reliable services. So, it is very important to write accurate content with proper keywords, header tags and trustworthy content.

  • Image Optimization Is Must:

Not only the text but also the images are optimized by the search engines when it comes to index and crawls a particular page of a website or even a blog. It is a must to add alt text, description, and captions for any image being uploaded.

  • Internal Linking:

It is very important to link the internal pages of the website as it is the best way to strengthen the bond of the linked pages within the website.

  • Keyword Density:

While writing content for any page of a website it is very important to watch the frequency of the keyword being used in it. Stuffing the keywords gives a bad impact on the search engines.

  • Outbound Links:

Linking to the pages with higher authority tends to have a good impact on the search engines but should also maintain a balance. These outbound links should be in limits for the better results and rank to assure search engines that you own a reliable website.

  • Duplicacy Of The Content:

The content prepared for the publication of the website should be unique in order to avoid the risk of the plagiarism of the content.


Above mentioned are the major factors on the whole working of a website on page part relies upon. In order to get the best results for the optimization of a website, you must get the best on-page SEO services from a good digital agency or must be very aware of the application of the given factors. These factors will not only help your website obtain a good rank on search Engine Result Pages(SERP’s) but also helps you achieve the maximum output from it.

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